• Directors’ Committee: Responsible for examining the background information concerning related party transactions; reviewing the financial reports prepared by the external and internal auditors; regulating the compensation system and plans, among other matters.
  • Audit, Ethics and Compliance Committee: Responsible for monitoring and directing the Company’s Internal Audit functions, as well as approving and verifying the execution of the annual internal audit plan, approving and monitoring the Company's compliance strategy, and monitoring the actions derived from the implementation of CMPC’s prevention model
  • Financial Risks Committee: Responsible for analyzing financial risks within the company, with particular attention on derivatives, among other financial operations.
  • Risks Committee: Responsible for monitoring the execution of the risk management strategy of the Company.
  • Sustainability and Regulation committee: Responsible for monitoring the proper social, environmental, and governance practices being integrated across the Company, as well as goals and indicators related to those aspects.
  • International Committee: Responsible for deepening and systemizing the comprehension around the businesses and regulations in countries where CMPC operates.
  • IT Committee: Responsible for designing and overseeing the execution of the Company's technology and cybersecurity strategy to allow for maximum value creation and capitalization of information systems.
  • Executive Coordination Committee: meets monthly.


  • Board Committees
  • Executive Committees