At CMPC we also have a number of committees that coordinate their efforts with those of the Board of Directors:​

  • Directors’ Committee – responsible for examining the background information concerning related party transactions; reviewing the reports prepared by the external and internal auditors; regulating the senior management compensation system and plans, among other matters.​
  • Ethics and Compliance Committee - the highest Company entity in matters related to ethics and compliance with regulations and internal policies.
  • Audit Committee - supervises and coordinates activities designed to identify, inform about and prevent risks inherent to the business. Reviews the risk matrix and risk reports periodically presented by the Risk Manager to the Board. Also approves the annual audit plan and supervises its execution.​
  • Financial Risks Committee - analyzes the financial risks of the Company, with special attention to derivative contracts and other financial operations.​
  • Sustainability Committee – oversees the implementation and fulfillment of the Company's strategic objectives in matters of sustainability, community relations and the environment.