Governance and Policies

CMPC prides itself on its culture of integrity, which means living and breathing its corporate values. This is achieved through its corporate policies, training sessions, communication, monitoring and constant assessments, spearheaded by the Board of Directors, Ethics and Compliance Committee, Corporate Legal Department and the Compliance Department.

Integrity and Compliance Program

In 2017, a company-wide assessment was conducted, resulting in the design and implementation of an Integrity and Compliance Program. Its objective is to articulate and systematize all efforts in prevention, detection and  handling of acts and behaviors contradicting the corporate values, internal regulations or current laws. The Board-approved Integrity Policy reinforces CMPC commitment to strictly comply with legal, tax, and market competition regulations, among others, in the jurisdictions of its operations as well as follow international best practices.

Corporate Policies and Regulations

All employees, suppliers, agents, partners, and clients are expected to familiarize themselves with the company policy documents and agree to their terms on issues such as sustainable operations, anti-corruption, labor rights, and conflict of interest, among others. These are communicated to employees via information campaigns and trainings, materials and manuals, and online resources such as e-Learning courses, workshops and talks, and are publicly available on the CMPC corporate website:

For more information on CMPC corporate policies and regulations, click here.


CMPC has made available to all its stakeholders a 24/7 online hotline, guaranteeing their anonymity and confidentiality (if they so wish). It can be used to report acts or behaviors that can be considered or could lead to a violation of the company values, corporate policies and active laws.

The investigation of any claim is coordinated by the Legal Department, directly reporting to the Ethics and Compliance Committee. In accordance with the established in the Policy of Integrity and Compliance, the company does not retaliate, neither tolerates any retaliation, against any claims made in good faith.​

Information on cases reported and analyzed can be found here.