Governance and Policy

CMPC strictly complies with legal, tax, and market competition regulations. All employees, suppliers and clients are expected to familiarize themselves with the company policy documents and agree to their terms on issues such as sustainable operations, anti-corruption, human rights, conflict of interest, among others.

For CMPC it is essential that each of the Company collaborators have irreproachable conduct. Therefore, one of the Company’s permanent priorities is to provide information to its employees on ethics and integrity, and it regularly schedules activities focused on the effective transmission of corporate culture. CMPC also has a crime prevention system based on 4 pillars:​

CMPC considers it vital to ensure that all employees are familiar with its integrity policies. Since 2013, all collaborators are being trained on how to prevent corruption, bribery, and unfair competition. Courses focus on the CMPC Code of Ethics, conflict of interest, information security, corporate policies, risk management, a crime prevention model, fair competition, commitment to integrity, personal security, talent management, acquisitions and contract management, and financial and accounting management. More Information