Green Bonds

CMPC has issued three green bonds.

In 2017, it was the first Chilean company to issue a bond complying with the Green Bond Principles (GBP) whose funds are intended exclusively to finance or refinance, partly or completely, new and/or existing eligible projects that produce environmental benefits. This Green Bond raised a total value of $500 million with a spread over 10-year United States Treasury Bonds of 2.00% and an effective rate of 4.42% for the financing of sustainable forest management, sustainable water management, preservation of biodiversity and restoration of forest cover of high conservation value, pollution prevention and control, and energy efficiency.​

As a result, CMPC received the Green Bond Pioneer Award 2018 and was included in the New Countries Taking Green Bonds Global Category.​

The benefits of the 2017 Green Bond were:​

Energy Savings icon

Energy Savings



Generation of renewable energy icon

Generation of renewable energy



Reduced water consumption icon

Reduced water consumption



CO2 emissions saved

CO2 emissions saved


metric tons/year

CO2 captured

CO2 captured


metric tons CO2/year (corresponding to the total of seven forestry projects in Chile and Brazil)

Area under cultivation in Chile icon

Area under cultivation in Chile


ha/year (corresponding to the total of the four projects reported by Forestal Mininco)

Area under cultivation in Brazil icon

Area under cultivation in Brazil


ha/year (total of two projects reported by Bosques Brasil)

Area restored in Chile icon

Area restored in Chile



Area conserved in Chile icon

Area conserved in Chile



In 2018, a second green bond was issued through CMPC’s Peruvian subsidiary, Protisa, on the Peruvian Stock Exchange. This was effectively the first green bond issued in Peru as well as the first bond issued by a subsidiary of CMPC. The total amount of the bond was of 100 million Peruvian soles with a 6-year term. The funds raised are for the refinancing of projects of energy efficiency at the Cañete Mill in Peru as well as sustainable water management in Cañete and Santa Anita. ​

In July 2019, CMPC issued its third Green Bond, in the Chilean market, for UF 2,500,000, equivalent to USD100 million. The effective rate was 1.22% and received an oversubscription of 3.4x.


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