Social Impact


CMPC cares to create a good working environment which in turn stimulates creativity and high performance levels through encouraging diversity, professional development opportunities and risk prevention in complex industrial processes.

It is currently in the midst of implementing an inclusive labor program for persons with disabilities both in Chile and in each of the other countries in which it operates.


score on CMPC workplace culture according to Great Place to Work


of CMPC employees are women


of the total CMPC workforce have sort of disability

CMPC considers that promoting women to senior positions is fundamental for achieving equality and equal opportunity objectives both for the Company itself and the country.

For monitoring the workplace environment, CMPC uses the Great Place to Work (GPTW) measurement model, which includes 58 questions grouped into five dimensions: credibility, fairness, respect, camaraderie and pride. The survey is conducted across the entire company on a yearly basis.​

The continuity and stability of its workforce is a permanent concern for CMPC. That is why new Corporate HR policies are being developed to create a more sustainable model of attracting and retaining talent including performance evaluation based on individually set development goals and growth opportunities.

Local Suppliers

CMPC and its subsidiaries are in constant interaction with several stakeholders that operate in the same territory and maintain communication with them in relation to their processes, products and services. Local suppliers are one of priority interest groups for the Company, given their support and the contribution they make to the organization and the communities in which the Company operates, generating a relationship of shared value.

Community Relations

With the objective of maintaining healthy relationships with all the communities with which it is associated, the Company has several campaigns within the framework of its Good Neighbor Policy under the guiding principles of dialogue, transparency and the fulfillment of its commitments, in order to improve the quality of life of the community. Its main focus is on education, sports, culture, promoting the local economy, improving jobs, the environment, and guided visits.​

In Chile, CMPC manages approximately 750 thousand hectares of land between the regions of O’Higgins and Los Lagos, across 103 local communities and 358 Mapuche communities. Here our community involvement efforts include:

  • Support for the education of students from neighboring communities​
  • Productive projects with neighboring communities, as well as training programs that foster the establishment of micro-enterprises and cooperatives (Social Incubator)​
  • In 2018, CMPC donated the wood for the construction of an educational complex in the community of Santa Olga which was badly affected by the forest fires the previous summer​
  • Consultations, communication and engagement initiatives with neighbors and stakeholders​

In Brazil, CMPC has realized programs such as:

  • The Forest is Life Campaign​
  • Technical Course in pulp and paper​
  • Lake Guaiba clean-up​
  • The Favos do Sul Program​
  • Bagpiper factory ​
  • Music at the factory​
  • The rutas volantes project​

In Peru, neighbors of CMPC tissue plants benefit from corporate volunteer activities, training for local people, guided tours, and educational projects for children and adolescents and other special events.

Clients and Consumers​

For CMPC, knowing our clients and consumers well is directly linked with our business. Understanding their interests, drivers, expectations and doubts helps us to continuously improve the service we provide. Our efforts in this area are focused on customer service, value and innovation in or products and quality assurance across our entire chain of custody.​

CMPC Foundation​

The CMPC Foundation (Fundación CMPC) is the institution through which community relations in Chile are conducted, with one clear objective: to educate the children from the communities where the Company has operations. Its mission is to strengthen educational and cultural growth of the communities in which the Company is inserted, through building skills in local stakeholders and generating long-term alliances.​

With its 61 professional staff, the Foundation has been operating since 2000 and is active in 11 communities across the country. ​

Among its activities is conducting environmental workshops at local schools as well as the newly introduced internal home-schooling program for pre-school aged children HIPPY. HIPPY is expected to encompass 460 families on a national level.

Artequin Museum of Los Angeles​

The Artequin de los Angeles Museum is a live forum that encourages the appreciation of art and creativity in its visitors through educational and interactive museum expositions.​

Alessandri Coronel Park​

The Park extends over 11 hectares and has several different areas: educational paths and trekking trails, a cultural am - phitheatre,a Tree Room, an educational greenhouse, a native forest, the Artequin Museum and a conference room​

Alessandri Park in Nacimiento​

In a joint activity with the Municipality of Nacimiento (Chile), CMPC launched its first participative activity with the local community with the planting of several native species. The park will be fully operative to receive visitors in 2018.​

Educational Training​

A series of training activities, workshops, consultations and evaluations benefited 8,936 children n 2017 in 11 communities where CMPC has operations.​

Growing Together​

This program focuses on the development of skills perfection and advice for educators; workshops, interactive forums and talks for fathers, mothers and caregivers; and evaluations for children and their parents.​